Everything’s Coming Up Rosie!

Believe it or not, it was our own Michael Roberts who was sitting having a lengthy conversation with Rosie O’Donnell when she said, ” Michael, you want an exclusive, I’m going to be on The View!”

So let’s take it from there, for conversation purposes.

Directly behind Rosie and Michael are the salivating “journalistic” papa-nazis with their Blackberrys in hand. Within 15 minutes, there’s a story posted to the AP stating that news is out from a “source close to the show” who is anonymous! Oh, and let’s not forget the added excitement generated by the faux news of an announcement that would be made during The View the next day!

Didn’t happen quite that way, did it?

What kind of Jimmy Olsen reporter thinks that Barbara Walters is going to be scooped by some schmuck with a Blackberry and a proclivity for eavesdropping?

Hats off to Ms. Walters for letting everyone sweat it out (and probably increasing the shows viewership for Friday!)

Meanwhile, while driving home today, I saw a sign at a bus stop that was sponsored by Loyola University in Chicago. I’m going to paraphrase it slightly, but keep the sentiment.

It read: Depend on your ETHICS more than your Blackberry.

Obviously, the people on the bus get the message.

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